Span Academy of Jazz and Contemporary music is the music department of SPAN (Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria) located at 13 Davies Street off Broad Street Marina, Lagos, Nigeria.


 To engender the practice of excellence and virtuosity in jazz, contemporary and African ethnic music performance and pedagogy in Nigeria.

Our mission is to provide a practical hands-on and functional academic approach to music training in the areas of jazz, contemporary and African ethnic music.

Why learn music at SPAN Academy of Jazz and Contemporary Music?

  • Only at the SPAN Academy of Jazz and Contemporary Music can you take courses at every Level
  • Our teachers are highly qualified in teaching methods and music, and participate in professional development seminars on a regular basis.
  • Our courses provide optimal preparation for professional music performances
  • Our students attend master classes for free and have access to consultation with international/visiting professor from Europe and U.S.A
  • Our central placement test makes it possible to determine the right course level for you.
  • Our international exchange program in Europe and south Africa makes it possible for you to experience first-hand what the international music scene is like
  • Our mentorship teaching style guarantees satisfaction and success.
  • Our additional services and facilities foster growth and provides healthy competition
  • Our festivals (SPAN FEST) provides major platforms for both local and international acts



Clearly, our objective is to:

  • Improve instrumental/vocal skills
  • Develop excellent performance skills and an understanding of the performance process
  • Understand musical theory, vocabulary and history
  • Develop self-discipline, group responsibility/dynamics and cooperation
  • Encourage personal musical insight and communication through music
  • Encourage the use of music for the enrichment of life
  • Provide opportunity to enhance self esteem
  • Appreciate musical performances and their cultural connections
  • Promote the development of the students understanding of musical skills and concepts.
  • To inculcate leadership discipline and responsibility in the students



Learn Music with the Professionals: SPAN ACADEMY of jazz and contemporary music Lagos Nigeria, offers you major courses, general courses and exchanges course.

After an individual placement assessment, you will start lessons in the course at the right level for you.

If you have no prior knowledge of music, you will automatically start in course level 1


MAJOR COURSE         GENERAL COURSES                    EXCHANGE COURSE                   STYLE

Jazz piano                   Biblical Jesus doctrine/              Basic Theater performance              Latin music

Jazz drum                    Leadership                                      Basic dance instruction                Funk music

Jazz guitar                   Accelerated Music Theory                                                                     World music

Woodwind/brass       Sight Reading Lab                                                                                   Rock music

Basic piano                 Ear Training Practice                                                                             African Music

Jazz bass                      Music performance combo                                                                  Swing Jazz

Jazz improvisation    Instrument techniques development

  • Course duration: 12weeks
  • Registration: January 9th -31st
  • Start: January 16th , 2017
  • Days : Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
  • 15hours in total ( 45minutes unit of instruction per class}
  • Participants: classes are in sizable number

Tuition fee: #50,000 per term (installments allowed): #300,000 for two years




Tel: 08091900700

E-mail: [email protected]

Twitter: @spanigeria


Office opening Hours:

Mondays-Fridays: 9:00am-5:00pm