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About SPAN

SPAN is ‘Society for the Performing Arts in Nigeria’, a Non-Governmental Organisation set up in February 2005 with the aim of creating a world standard for performing arts education and expression in Nigeria. SPAN offers exceptional opportunities in dance, music, theatre and visual arts to talented Nigerian youth, by inspiring, training, and empowering them, so that their creativity is unleashed.

One of SPAN’s main objectives is the empowerment of youths with various opportunities through Skillset Development, and in 16 years of existence, we have consistently trained youths with appropriate skills and techniques that can help them build careers as well as facilitate the continuity of African art.

The African people are known to have very rich cultural and artistic expression that have shaped the artistic world for centuries especially in the areas of dance, music, drama and visual art; SPAN takes pride in these forms of art and is committed to its preservation and promotion.

SPAN as its name suggest, is more than just an organisation, it is a community, a haven for the unseen; a society, enabling artists soar beyond their wildest dreams; A bridge bringing together various forms of arts, to ignite life-changing productions.

Through our 13 year journey, we have been recommended and recognised by several international bodies for transformation brought to the Performing Arts Industry especially in the area of Education and presentation. Some of these bodies include: Goethe Institute, Lebanese Ladies Society, South African Consulate, French Consulate, and American Women’s Club, Life & Times Media Group USA and more.

In line with our objectives, SPAN also offers Music, Dance and fitness classes, as well as speech and acting classes through its Music, Dance and Drama Academies to the public. At a competitive price rate, we are offering companies situated around our Lagos Island studio the opportunity to learn various music instruments, different dance styles and keep fit during work hours, all in a comfortable ambience.

Our Vision

 To build a performing arts center in Nigeria where we will educate, empower and present the performing artistes and their God given talents.

Our Mission

To present Nigerian and International artists through their God given talents, educate and engage the audience to inspire, dialogue, grow in the artistic experience with a heightened sense of humility and social responsibility.

Our Values

Challenge the status quo

Educate using Art as a social justice tool.

Inspire provocative thoughts for our youth to live fully.

Showcase our extraordinary display of talents.

Bring purpose and relevance to our society.

Create employment opportunities through our learning hub.

Initiate career breakthroughs.

Partake in poverty alleviation by raising the bar with the emergence of courageous leaders to serve our community.

Set the Pace for life changing experiences

Ignite the hearts of our youth to become more relevant to our nation.

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